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Hi there, Undergrounds. Teresa here. I would make this short and sweet but there's probably no good way of doing that, given everything we've been through.

It's with a heavy heart that I will be dropping Jean-Claude here from [community profile] undergrounds, and thus the game itself. It's been one hell of a ride. I've been in the game here for over 2 years now, and I've loved every plot we've been through together, from Faolan's accidental rise to becoming Head of Hillingdon while double-timing in the Night Council, to Jean-Claude's slow slide into power under the reign of Millicent, leading to the eventual beheading of Raymond. I love these characters and this game but I think after 2 years here I just need to take a break before I stall out and drag anyone else with me.

Jean-Claude is going to be staying in town in the same position he's occupying now, as the Duke of Central London, just in an Elite NPC role (much the same as Faolan before him). Guilty Pleasures will also remain open as a location in town, and I fully encourage anyone who needs a supernatural-friendly bar/strip club for a meeting place etc to use it as such!

JC and Faolan may be NPCs but I will still be around online at [ profile] lycanthropy101, if you're looking for me. Like I said, it's been one hell of a time, and while I am stepping back now, I do hope to be able to come back someday. Thank you for all the memories, and for being such a wonderful group of people <3

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Sep. 2nd, 2017 08:29 pm
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Hey, Lil here.

I'm bringing in a second character, Eponine Thenardier from Les Mis. She is a vampire, and has a complete disregard for the rules and a slight addiction to fae blood. She's been sent to London by her Sire, Montparnasse, who has grown fed up of her arguing and mooning after pretty boys.

She can generally be found in dark places, and out and about at night. She's hanging out in a grave yard (Bunhill Fields, Islington) during the day, and by night, will wander right across London (she doesn't care at all about territories). Stalking humans, stalking fae, mugging and pickpocketing are a normal part of her life. Eponine is used to a bad crowd, violence, drugs and the seedier side of society, so if you want to do something with that, I am down for it!

Any and all CR is welcome - though all of the warnings you need are in her permissions post. Please read it and let me know if you'd rather avoid any of it. Eponine doesn't tend to have a filter (even less so than Lydia!) so let me know in advance please! I totally don't mind!

If you want to plot with me, you can either PM me with Lydia or Eponine's journals, or I am Lil#7653 over on Discord.

Anyway, I can't wait to get Eponine into the game, and to start playing her off you guys!!!

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Sep. 1st, 2017 12:54 pm
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Hi! Emily here (she who plays the tiny vampire nobody likes) with my second character: Imogen Reed. Imogen is a changeling seelie fae who also happens to be a siren and is still figuring out this whole "supernatural underworld" thing.

She's an original character and can be found in tourist spots around London, busking for whatever spare change your character might have on them. Mid-month she's also going to get a gig as a teaching assistant at Redbright, but until then she's footloose and fancy free.

Any and all CR is welcome!

I can be contacted on Plurk, on Discord at colortheory#4200, or via PM.
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IMPORTANT: Activity check will run from 1st-5th September. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU READ THIS POST.

Activity Check: August 2017 )
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It's faction reward time! Every three months or so, the faction with the highest amount of plot involvement per player will have the opportunity to claim a reward. The winning faction is decided based on the average number of plots and events run by each player over the last three months.

And the winner is... )
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Hallo all, this is Djynn, I'm new to the game and this surly, grumpy fellow here is James Flint from the TV show Black Sails — which also doubles as a prequel for Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island.

I'm bringing him in as a fairly old but solitary vampire, full of secret agendas, ambitions and long held grudges and I'm very much looking forward to integrating him to the game's universe, throwing him at people and seeing what kind of CR develops.

You can find me over on plurk at [ profile] TheDjynn, on Discord at TheDjynn#8420 or via PM. I look forward to playing with you all :)
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This month we have a special event in the form of the Night Tournament, a friendly competition open to all of London's supernatural inhabitants. The opening ceremony takes place on 6th August, with the tournament itself starting after that. Read on to find out how you can participate!

The Night Tournament )

The Competitors )
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IMPORTANT: Activity check will run from 1st-5th August. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU READ THIS POST.

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Hey all, sorry I've been absent so much lately, RL has been hectic. Because of this, I'm going to need to take another hiatus until Aug 9th, when I get back from a weekend at the cottage and will (theoretically) be refreshed and ready to get Caroline back in the action.

To cover the hiatus, Caroline is going to fly back to Mystic Falls to see her friends and no doubt get involved in supernatural shenanigans because that's how Mystic Falls rolls.
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This decision has been a hard one, but as I told most of you on plurk, RL - particularly work - is picking up in very draining and time-consuming ways. I won't be able to keep up with three games and of them, Underground is the most plot-intensive and hardest to keep up with if I'm not able to be active more than a couple times a week. Unfortunately, I just don't think a hiatus will do the trick to get through this.

So I'm sending Daryl home to Georgia with Willow. Family issues and complications that he couldn't keep ignoring and the like.

It's been so much fun, guys. Thanks for having me and playing with me. <3


Jul. 9th, 2017 07:27 pm
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Hey guys! I have been dealing with some things rl that have prevented me from tagging. I am hoping to be back in the next few days, but it could stretch on a little longer. I apologize for the delay. Discord is the most direct way to reach me (kobrakidding#0888). This affects Party Poison.


Jul. 7th, 2017 11:25 am
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Heya! My name's Kates and I'm another newbie to the game. This sad looking guy with barely any facial expressions is Cole from the video game Dragon Age: Inquisition (aka fake fantasy dating sim). Cole's a ghost who desperately wants to help people and be useful but also has no clue how to do things like 'not be kind of creepy' and 'actually use his cool ghost powers.'

He's aligned with the Seelie Court but that's literally only because his old anchor was Seelie so sorry fae, you've got the world's most useless ally on your hands (why don't we ignore species distinctions and just help everybody???).

You can find me on discord at Kates#4814 or via PM. I'll toss up a CR meme post sometime later today--I can't wait to play with all y'all!
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Hey all, this is Kytha! Brand-new to the game and apped in mostly on a whim, I'm bringing in Desmond Miles from the Assassin's Creed series. He's a cagey guy (being kidnapped and subjected to weird magical experiments by a company will do that to you, who knew) who's still desperately trying to make sense of this whole supernatural thing, and I'm looking forward to seeing how he plays off of people in the game.

I usually prefer to plot over Discord (mythicbeast#9596), PM, or on CR posts -- I just tossed a thread up for Desmond on the CR meme with some ideas I was kicking around, if you'd like to take a look. Otherwise, I'll just see how things play out and take it from there. \o/
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IMPORTANT: Activity check will run from 1st-5th July. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU READ THIS POST.

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Hey guys. It's Lil (Lydia Bennet's player) here with a new character. This is Johanna Mason from the Hunger Games. She's a werewolf and a reluctant member (don't call her a member) of the East End Pack.
Johanna's sarcastic and definitely bitter, and more than a little handy with an axe. In her AU, she's made her escape from a dog-fighting circuit, so she's not exactly in a happy place right now.

I'm looking forward to bringing her into the game and playing with all of you guys.

If you want me for plotting purposes, either with Johanna or Lydia, you can hit me up at pierette on plurk. See you in game!
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As of 2nd June, the results of the Night Council election have been announced and your new President is Cesare Borgia!

By now, Cesare will have officially accepted the role and the news will have spread to all supernatural communities. This is a surprise result, since the favourites dropped out, and for many Cesare will be something of an unknown quantity.

The game information will be updated shortly. In the meantime feel free to shout if you have any questions!
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I made a Discord Chat for the game - totally unofficial - but interest was up there for one so, boom.  It's p. simple, just follow the link and come say high in real-time.

Right now, we have a few folks hanging out.  We'd love to see your faces, so to speak.  Let me know if that link doesn't work and I can futz around with it.  

  • Ghost, Fae, Shifters, Vampires, Werewolves, Humans, Metahumans, and Witches all have different colours.
  • There is a Jukebox! Currently, I've got the DJ maracas on. 

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IMPORTANT: Activity check will run from 1st-5th June. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU READ THIS POST.

Activity Check: May 2017 )
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A very quick update on the candidates, since the campaign is now in full swing! Four candidates have been nominated for the role of Night Council President:

• Cesare Borgia ([personal profile] longterm, currently Marquess of Islington)
• Jean-Claude ([personal profile] baisant, currently Duke of the Islington Nest)
Yasmine Merad (NPC, currently Meta Human/Shapeshifter Representative)
Peter Vrinak (NPC, currently Vice President)

On 26th May, Peter Vrinak will pull out of the election, citing personal reasons. He says he will remain as Vice President, but he is unable to continue with the campaign due to a "private family matter".

On 30th May, Yasmine Merad will pull out of the election after it emerges that her nomination by Bernice "Birdie" Salander was the result of a bribe.

(For more information on the NPCs, take a look at the Elites list.)

This will leave only two runners in the race, both of whom are vampires. Expect a great deal of speculation in the media about what a vampire-led Night Council will look like. There's fear-mongering about both candidates, but Jean-Claude in particular will have a rough time of it with his past being scrutinised in great and unflattering detail by the press.

There will be more information about the election in the upcoming plotting post, but for now feel free to campaign for your candidate of choice!
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Hi! I'm Mai. I'm new, and bringing this jerk to the East End Pack. Ellie's angry, willing to throw down, and generally mistrustful of most authority figures. She's also fourteen, so it'll certainly be fun to see how she can fit into the game dynamic.

You can hit me up on plurk at LonelyAura to be friends, if you'd like! It's been a long while since I've been in an RP game, so I'm pretty excited! Any and all plotting is welcome~
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It's faction reward time! Every three months or so, the faction with the highest amount of plot involvement per player will have the opportunity to claim a reward. The winning faction is decided based on the average number of plots and events run by each player over the last three months.

And the winner is... )
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Hi guys, I'm Hattie! I'm the new meat here bringing in "Girl" from Danger Days as a werewolf joining the East End pack. She's 15 and just moved to London from southwestern US with her (human) uncle. She's fostering a grudge against hunters because weird dudes in masks took out her old pack back home and basically ran to a new country to avoid dealing with it. Otherwise she's a normal, sarcastic teenager who just thinks it'd be super chill if people would take a day off from dying and maybe do some graffiti instead.

I'm excited to get to play with everyone and open to any kind of CR/plotting. Feel free to hit me up on this journal or on plurk @ [ profile] heyhattie.